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Local Media Solutions

Drone photography, VHS to digital conversion, film/negative/slide to digital conversion, computer and network setup and troubleshooting, hard drive data recovery, cord cutting and henna. 
Serving Virginia, Maryland, DC, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, and Delaware.

Drone photography:  

Half hour session at your direction - $250

15 high resolution pictures - $75

Want some cool photos or videos of your property or event?  Send us the address and date so we can check airspace restrictions.  If you would like to check for yourself, enter the address at KnowBeforeYouFly.  If it's not in a shaded area, we can fly anytime, weather depending.  If it is, we need to submit a waiver with the FAA, which can take up to 90 days (for now, laws are changing).  We offer special rates for realtors, insurance adjusters, schools and first-responders. 

VHS to digital conversion:  

Per tape, no editing - $5

Those old VHS tapes (and family memories) are slowly deteriorating in the back of your closet.  Let us put them on a DVD or flash drive so you can save and share them for years to come.  We can currently support VHS and VHS-C.

Film to digital conversion:  

Per image - $1

Get a 20 megapixel copy of your film negative or slides (110, 126, 127, or 135), 8/Super 8 mm film, APS negative, or library film for much cheaper than what well known brands charge.

Computer and network setup and troubleshooting:  

New PC setup and transfer of old files - $50

We love fixing computer problems!  Let a technology enthusiast help you out!  Mike has over 25 years experience with setting up new PC's, connecting networks and peripherals, and troubleshooting various problems that come with having gadgets.  We can even help build you a computer rig with the custom parts you desire.

Hard drive data recovery:  

Prices Vary

Have an old PC or Android phone that won't start up?  Check with us before spending too much money at a big box store.  We may be able to pull important files for a fraction of the cost.  No charge if we can't.

Cord cutting:  

1 hour consultation - $50

Cable/Satellite TV has just become too expensive for what they offer, there are so many cheaper options to get the programming you want to see.  Let us know what shows you like, and we'll put together a list of apps, and help you get everything installed and setup so you can save some money each month.  We are not licensed electricians so we can't run the coaxial cable, but we can assess your current setup and walk you through installing an antenna for over the air channels that cost you nothing.


Prices Vary

Let Kara take her art from screen to your skin at your next party.  She is available at hourly and individual rates.  Consider adding essential oils to enhance the color and longevity of your art.

Drone Photography