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VHS to digital conversion, PC/network setup and troubleshooting

Serving the DC metro area.

VHS | 8mm to  DIGITAL CONVERSION - Per tape, no editing - $7

Those old VHS tapes (and family memories) are slowly deteriorating in the back of your closet.  Let us put them on a DVD or flash drive so you can save and share them for years to come.  We can currently support VHS and VHS-C.

COMPUTER and NETWORK SETUP and TROUBLESHOOTING - New PC setup and transfer of old files - usually around $50

We love fixing computer problems!  Let a technology enthusiast help you out!  Mike has over 25 years experience with setting up new PC's, connecting networks and peripherals, and troubleshooting various problems that come with having gadgets. Mike is also a small business IT nerd! We can even help build you a computer rig with the custom parts you desire.

Film, negative, and slides to digital, picture scanning - .33 per picture

Declutter your closets and get those boxes of old pictures and slides out of there.  Let us scan them to a digital file that you can share with your friends and family.

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